Our Story

At FIX. on Main Street, Slave Lake, we strive to provide wholesome, homemade food, superb quality coffee, and an exciting atmosphere. Our team shares a vision where we are surrounded by customers who are always enthused about their next visit. We exercise a “Farm to Table” ideal whenever possible and on our menu, you’ll see whatever fruits, herbs or vegetables are in season, mixed, mashed and layered in all sorts of delicious ways. All our soups are made from scratch, we roast our own meats and bake our own breads.

There is not a single baked good sold that we haven’t made in house. With our primary service focusing on early morning and lunch when people don’t have time to doddle, we offer an online ordering system. You get the best of both worlds, speedy and super fresh.

How did this begin? As a young girl growing up on a mixed farm in Northern Alberta…

The best place in town for a warm bowl of soup. Pair with a sandwich made with homemade bread and in house roasted meats or a cheese biscuit.  

Daily Homemade Soup 

Call us today at 780-843-0465 to pre-order your lunch or to find out what's cooking!

All of our sandwiches are made with fresh baked homemade bread. Our roast beef and turkey are roasted, seasoned and sliced right here at FIX.

Call us at 780-843-0465 to pre-order your lunch or to find out what's cooking.

Full Sandwiches 

We offer 3 types of bread: Multi-grain, White, Cheese Bun

With 5 meat/filling options: Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Black Forest Ham, Tuna or Egg Salad

A variety of cheese: Havarti, Cheddar and Swiss

Full Salads 

Broccoli Raisin Salad (Gluten Wise)

Creamy Dill Pasta Salad 

Thai Basil Noodle Salad (Vegetarian & Gluten Wise)

Greek Salad (Vegetarian & Gluten Wise)

Quinoa Salad (Vegetarian & Gluten Wise)​

Chef Salad

Whether you need a pick me up, a foamy latte with friends, or a treat our coffees and luxury teas are sure to be your perfect  FIX. Check out our monthly/seasonal Barista's Choice specialty drinks created right here at FIX!! 

Brewed Coffee (or Decaf)

Espresso Shots




Flavoured Latte


White Chocolate Mocha

Chai Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte

London Fog

FIX. Steamer

Hot Steeped Tea

White Hot Chocolate or Hot Chocolate

Alternative Milks: Soy, Coconut or  Almond Milk

Flavour Shots - Vanilla, Caramel,Pumpkin, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate,  White Chocolate, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Chocolate

Everyone's favorite category. This is where you'll find the good stuff. Treat yourself and get your sugar FIX.

We offer:

Cream and fruit pies, cookies, squares, cupcakes, muffins and other special treats baked daily.

Come try our amazing Key Lime Pie! Easily the best key lime pie north of Florida!

Check out the amazing treats our bakers create for special days such as Valentines, St Patrick's, Easter and Christmas.

Custom Specialty Cakes

Personally created for you by our amazingly talented baker Tara!! 

Baby smash cakes, birthday, anniversary, wedding or maybe just because you want a cool cake!

Please call 780-843-0465 to place your order 

Custom Cake Pops
​​Created for you by our talented bakers


 Key Lime, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Lemon Cream, Chocolate Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate

Apple , Strawberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Pumpkin, Blueberry


Black Forest Cake 

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 

Lemon Poppy Seed 

Cinnamon Buns

 By the Dozen 


Carrot Spice Cupcakes

Boston Cream Cupcakes

Specialty Cupcakes Available​

Cookies By The Dozen

Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Lemon Glazed Sugar Cookie, Peanut Butter, Ginger Snap

Healthy snacks to go! Great for the office, on the road or at the game.
Our smoothies are made with fruit, fat free yogurt and a little orange juice. Great way to start your day! Add a little protein powder to carry you through to lunch.

Mixed Berry & Yogurt Parfait 

Fresh Fruit Salad 

Hummus, Crackers & Fruit Snack Pack 

Sausage, Pickles, Cheese and Veggie Snack Pack 


Strawberry Banana 

Peach Mango

Mixed Berry

Awesome treat on those hot summer days!

Iced Latte

Flavoured Iced Latte

Iced Chai Latte

Iced Mocha

Come try out our new Italian Sodas!! So refreshing...

Blackberry Lime


Peach Raspberry

Orange Creamsicle

We cater a variety of events from continental breakfasts, to lunch meetings, Christmas dinners, weddings and banquets. Give us a call at 780-843-0465 or email fix2015@telus.net to discuss your event.


Catered Lunch Menu

Catering Menu

Take Home Baking Menu

To place an order, please call 780-843-0465. 

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Store Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00AM – 5:00PM


10:00am – 4:00pm​​

Sunday and Stat Holidays Closed


Email Us!

317B Main Street NE,

Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0 

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Phone: 780-843-0465