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Tropical Leaves


FIX. currently serves Doi Chaang's Social Medium for our brew as well as their single estate espresso beans. These beans have origins with a small village in the hills of Northern Thailand.


Visit Doi Chaang's website to find out more about their history and methods by clicking the button below.


We at FIX. treasure both community and personal connections, which is why we proudly serve with beans from Doi Chaang Coffee Canada.


A few years ago we visited Thailand as volunteers building homes for families and met many of the people who worked on the farms that produce Doi Chaang beans.


Not only is it a delicious tasting brew, it's also a single-estate, premium Arabica coffee that is certified Organic, Fairtrade, shade grown, handpicked, fresh water processed and sun dried.

Doi Chaang Coffee Farm (1)_edited.jpg

The Doi Chaang Coffee Farm we visited in Thailand.

Thailland Fun 2 (1).jpg

Our daughter Aerin hanging out with kids from the families we helped out.

Doi Chaang coffee beans.

Doi Chaang Beans_edited.jpg
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