Our Story

At FIX. on Main Street Slave Lake, we strive to provide wholesome, homemade food, superb quality coffee, and an exciting atmosphere. Our team shares a vision where we are surrounded by customers who are always enthused about their next visit. We exercise a “Farm to Table” ideal whenever possible and on our menu, you’ll see whatever fruits, herbs or vegetables are in season, mixed, mashed and layered in all sorts of delicious ways. All our soups are made from scratch, we roast our own meats and bake our own breads. There is not a single baked good sold that we haven’t made in house. With our primary service focusing on early morning and lunch when people don’t have time to doddle, we offer an online ordering system. You get the best of both worlds, speedy and super fresh.

How did this begin? As a young girl growing up on a mixed farm in Northern Alberta, my family was very familiar with the “Farm to Table” concept. It wasn’t a trendy fad; it was simply our way of life. Raising livestock, picking eggs, growing a massive garden and harvesting fields was hard work, but very rewarding. When I reached high school and people started to ask, “What are you going to do for a living”? I didn’t hesitate, “Be a chef” I said. Cooking was always a pleasure, it was something that came easily to me and I began to realize it wasn’t a talent everyone possessed. After graduating from culinary school I soon realized that I didn’t enjoy working in restaurants where my creativity was stifled. I opened Generations Catering named after my grandma and mom who were both very good proper cooks (they could make almost anything taste good). I catered while raising our three kids for 23 busy years.

When we lost our home, and my commercial basement kitchen, in the 2011 wildfire, I decided it might be a good time to change paths, I just wasn’t sure what my new path would look like. Now that our eldest daughter had people asking her the all-important, “What are you going to do after you graduate?’ She said, “Open a really cool coffee shop”. As a family we had many excited discussions about what her vision should entail. We soon realized that her vision became our collective dream and we would open a really unique coffee shop as a family!

While mouthwatering food and great coffee are important, we also wanted to create a welcoming atmosphere for all ages that lent to our appreciation for the arts. Each month we celebrate a different local artist by displaying their work throughout the shop. Our retail section offers unique food and gift ideas from wonderfully creative people who have kindly agreed to pair with us. Our vintage industrial theme also has a unique appeal that visitors don’t expect to see in a small town; many of the furnishings are hand crafted by my husband Pierre. We are so excited to be able to interact with customers while doing what we truly enjoy. Here’s hoping that you too get your FIX.

Georgie and the FIX. Family